Cougartron product news | Weld cleaning | Sunday, 25 September 2016

Cougartron InoxMuscle

Depending on the level of contamination and a number of other factors, stainless steel weld cleaning can give you a lot of trouble.

However, as we have shown here, using the right equipment makes your job much easier.

When it comes to light and dark TIG welds – Cougartron InoxMuscle is a choice you can’t go wrong with.

This lightweight and compact weld cleaner will clean and passivate the surface in one pass, and can effectively be used both off- and on-site.

It also incorporates our proprietary CougarSYNC technology which gives you the ability to register, update, and analyze your machine.

InoxMuscle is also suitable for electropolishing of stainless steel surfaces. 

The InoxMuscle weld cleaner comes in a machine set equipped with machine accessories and other equipment to get you started with cleaning right away. The InoxMuscle set does not include the weld cleaning fluids, which need to be purchased separately.

To see all items contained within the InoxMuscle machine set, you can watch our InoxMuscle unboxing video with the full unboxing and machine set-up presentation here.

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