Weld cleaning | Thursday, 16 February 2023


We recently wrote about the FL10 – our automatic fluid feed system for electrolytic weld cleaning.

Now it’s time to introduce its improved and integrated version – Cougartron FL20.

It brings three different components togetherpump, machine, and the fluid – to form an efficient system for effortless weld cleaning and passivation.

Continue reading below and find out all about the similarities and differences between the two models.

But first, let’s discuss some of the basic characteristics and advantages of automatic fluid feeding compared to the traditional brush dipping method.

How will automatic fluid feed improve your weld cleaning process?

Simply put, automatic fluid feed will make your work process both faster and more convenient.

Here is how.

Before the introduction of automatic fluid feeding, the brush had to be manually dipped in electrolytic liquid after every few strokes.

The stop-and-dip approach may not seem like a time waste during smaller and low-scale projects – but can become a real nuisance during long working hours.

Automatic fluid feeding solves this problem completely.

It will keep the brush soaked in fluid for the entire duration of your cleaning session so you can focus solely on your weld and get the job done faster.

The FL20 is also attached to your machine so you can handle both units at the same time – which just highlights the overall practicality of the system.

Who can best benefit from its use?

The answer here is simple – automatic fluid feed is equally beneficial to anyone doing electrolytic weld cleaning.

Yet – its benefits may seem more obvious in certain production scenarios.

The first rule of thumb considers your workload. If you clean welds for more than 5 hours a week, the fluid feed is certainly a worthy investment.

The next factor to consider is the nature of your work – professionals dealing with higher levels of oxidation and contamination on their welds will find the automatic fluid feed particularly useful. The system does not only control the amount of fluid being fed to the brush, but it also gives you the luxury to pay undivided attention to all the heavily-affected and vulnerable areas.

The FL20 also offers an additional convenience to smaller workshops that struggle with clutter. As an integrated solution, it takes less space within your work area and is being handled together with your weld cleaner.

How exactly does the FL20 work?

The main function of the FL20 (and its predecessor – the FL10) is to feed the electrolytic fluid from the container to the tip of the brush.

In addition to this, it also regulates the amount of fluid being distributed to the brush. You are in absolute control over this process being that you have 5 pumping modes at your disposal so you can adjust the flow to your habits or task requirements. 

The dosing range is around 5-8 ml/minute so you can precisely control the desired fluid output.

You will usually consume more fluid when dealing with heavily-oxidized welds and surfaces which is also the case when using our weld cleaners without the fluid feed. However, you can now expect a completely consistent amount of fluid to be applied to your brush before every stroke.

The amount of fluid wasted is also minimized being that the system starts working only when the current is being drawn through the lead.

FL20 - main features and characteristics

In addition to the above-mentioned general characteristics of automatic fluid feed(ing), here are some of the main benefits of the FL20 system:

  • All-in-one solution combining your pump, machine unit, and fluid container
  • Attached to the weld cleaner using only four screws
  • Storage area for 1L of weld cleaning fluid
  • Reliable pump with a stepper-controlled motor
  • Easy and simple to maintain
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Single power plug and switch for the weld cleaner and the pump
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Variable fluid-feed speed – 5-8 ml/minute
  • All vital electronic parts separated from the fluid flow for maximum protection
  • Compatible with all weld cleaners operating under 80 amps output power (Power30, Power30X, ProPlus, Plus)

Differences between FL10 and FL20

Both models essentially do the same thing – they transfer the fluid from the container to your brush tip and eliminate the need to constantly stop your work and dip the brush manually.

However, they differ in terms of how they are attached to your weld cleaner.

The FL10 is a separate unit placed alongside your machine and the fluid container. The setup is rather spread up out within your work area as you’ll basically work with and handle three different components included in the process.

The new model – FL20 – is an integrated version of the former. It is attached to your machine with the help of only four screws so you can move both units at the same time using a single handle. It also possesses a practical storage area for the fluid container which brings a new level of compactness to the system.

The FL20 conveniently combines three separate components into a single unit that is easily handled and moved around. For additional practicality points, the pump and the machine are both turned on/off using a single power switch and plug.

The control panels for the two are placed next to each other so you can easily switch between the work modes and speeds according to your current needs.

All things considered, the FL10 is clearly an option for a stationary type of work where you do not need to move the system a lot. On the other hand, the FL20 is equally usable in different production scenarios.

Thanks to its compactness, you can use it in tight and confined areas as well as taller and less-reachable metal structures. It will also take up less space in your workshop as it is completely integrated with your weld cleaner.

Incorporating FL20 into your workflow

Adding the FL20 to your existing weld cleaning setup requires minimum effort and almost no training.

The system just eliminates an unnecessary step in your process and simplifies it even further.

FL20 is supplied with all the necessary parts to get you going – you only need to connect it to your weld cleaner, choose your settings, and enjoy effortless weld cleaning.

With all items connected, you will free up more space in your workshop and thus further optimize your production.

Deciding on the right solution for your workshop

As with any investment, the potential return is the first thing that comes to mind.

If you clean welds and electropolish surfaces for more than five hours/week, the fluid feed system will definitely increase your productivity, minimize fluid waste, and make your entire work process much simpler and convenient.

This consequentially saves both time and money.

Automatic fluid feed functionality works magic during demanding production situations where you want to eliminate every bit of additional complexity from the process and save as much time as possible.

If you need more information on the FL20 and the best way to add it to your production, feel free to contact us at any time.

We can also organize a demo in your workshop and answer all your questions and potential concerns on the spot. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.


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