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Why automatic fluid feed will change your weld cleaning experience

Ever wondered if there was a better solution than dipping your brush wand into the weld cleaning fluid? Well, now there is! With our new fluid feed system, you’ll get a much easier weld cleaning process, and in this article, we’ll tell you why.

How will my weld cleaning become more convenient with automatic fluid feed?

You are most likely familiar with the process of dipping your weld cleaning brush into the fluid, thus repeatedly stopping your weld cleaning.

When weld cleaning or electropolishing you’ll get the best result by moving the brush in round motions on the weld seam. The dipping of the brush can be an obstacle when cleaning and polishing for a long time.

That’s why we designed the FL10 Fluid Feed System to solve this obstacle. There is no need for dipping the brush when using the fluid feed system.

What are the advantages of automatic fluid feed?

The most striking advantage of our new addition to the Cougartron product family is that it eliminates the need for constantly dipping the brush into the weld cleaning fluid. Why is that such a gamechanger you might wonder? Well, if you weld clean for several hours per week, this could be the solution that will help you save time and increase your productivity.

Who is it for?

Really, this system is great for anyone weld cleaning. That being said, we are fully aware that smaller productions don’t necessarily have the resources to buy an accessory for their weld cleaning.

That is why we recommend the FL10 for productions that weld clean for five hours or more per week.

The automatic fluid feed system is particularly advantageous for demanding welds. If you are weld cleaning many linear meters, big items, or heavily oxidized welds the FL10 is perfect for you, because you no longer will have to stop weld cleaning to dip the brush.

How does it work?

Using a fluid feed system for your weld cleaning the fluid will automatically be delivered directly to the brush by the power of the pump unit that you connect to your weld cleaning machine.

The fluid feed pump enables you to control the amount of fluid applied to the brush. The pump unit is designed with a stepper motor-controlled pump which pumps the fluid from the container to your brush tip.

Depending on your weld and on your item, you can choose between mode 1-5 to adjust the amount of fluid. This is an important feature as you might use less fluid on smaller and lightly corroded welds and for thick items with heavily corroded welds you need more fluid. The pump is designed to deliver a dosing range between 5-8 ml/minute, which makes it particularly compatible.

Using the included current sense clamp the fluid flow is regulated according to the output current drawn, meaning that the pump only starts once there is current going through the lead, which means that there is less fluid waste.

How is it maintained?

Before using the fluid feed for the first time it needs a priming where the air in the tubes is cleaned out. The pump is designed with a priming mode that takes two minutes and will clean out the tubes for air and excess fluid.

When done weld cleaning the tubes needs rinsing as well, and that’s where you use the priming mode again.

As with everything else, the fluid pump and equipment are best kept if you maintain it properly. Although nothing will happen if you forget from time to time, you should clean the tubes after each use to prevent them from clogging.

What machines can I use it with?

The FL10 fluid feed system is compatible with any weld cleaning machine under 80 amps. Meaning that if you have a Cougartron InoxPower, InoxMuscle, ProPlus, or an electrochemical weld cleaning machine from another brand you can get started with automatic fluid feed for your weld cleaning.

How can I implement FL10 in my workflow?

The FL10 is very easily implemented in your workflow as it is a portable unit that you combine with your usual weld cleaning setup.

It takes up very little space and therefore you don’t have to change a thing in your weld cleaning workshop to implement the fluid feed system.

The FL10 starterpack comes with everything you need to get started and once connected to your Cougartron weld cleaning machine and done priming you are ready to get started!

Watch this video of how to assemble the FL10 with our weld cleaning system.

Is the FL10 something for me?

If you want to increase your productivity the fluid feed system is a good solution for you.

The FL10 is the perfect accessory for you, who is using your weld cleaning machine for about five working hours or more per week. We recommend the fluid feed system for bigger and more demanding productions, where time and productivity are big factors.

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