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Why automatic fluid feed will change your weld cleaning experience

Electrochemical weld cleaning is a quick and efficient oxide removal method.

But what if you could make it even faster? Our automatic fluid feed systems allow you to do just that.

FL10 – our primary fluid feed model – has two basic functions. It feeds electrolytic liquid to the tip of your brush and precisely controls the amount of fluid being fed.

This provides a smoother workflow and removes the need to constantly and manually dip your brush.

But how does all this actually work and how does this system fit into your weld cleaning process in general?

You’ll find all the answers below.

How will my weld cleaning become more convenient with automatic fluid feed?

Electrochemical weld cleaning and polishing are best performed using circular brush movements along the weld seam. Until now, the process inevitably included constant stopping and dipping the brush into the electrolytic liquid.

This stop-and-dip technique sometimes posed a real nuisance during long working hours and demanding projects.

Not anymore.

Our fluid feed systems are designed to eliminate this exact problem and provide our customers with a faster, more efficient, and, above all, more convenient way of weld cleaning.

What are the advantages of automatic fluid feed?

The most outstanding advantage of automatic fluid feeding is the lack of need to constantly dip the brush into the weld cleaning fluid.

The benefit of this is especially noticeable during long-term cleaning of longer welds and larger metal surfaces.

Your productivity goes up while time consumption is significantly reduced.

It’s a real game-changer for your lead times.

Who is it for?

The systems are great for anyone doing weld cleaning. This being said, we are fully aware that smaller production facilities with limited work hours may not see it as a worthy investment.

However, if you do more than five hours of weld cleaning per week – you will certainly want to reap the benefits of automatic fluid feeding.

This also depends on the type of work you do.

If you are dealing with demanding welds – larger metal structures, longer linear welds, and heavily-oxidized surfaces – our fluid feed systems will work like a charm.

How does it work?

While using an automatic fluid feed system, the fluid is delivered directly to the brush tip via a pump that is connected to your machine.

The pump is stepper motor-controlled and gives you the ability to regulate the amount of fluid being fed to the brush – giving you more control over the entire process.

You can choose between 5 modes to adjust the amount of fluid being pumped which makes the system applicable during tasks that vary in scope and scale.

For example, lighter and less-oxidized welds require less fluid. On the other hand, thicker and heavily-corroded welds demand a higher fluid consumption.

With a dosing range of 5-8 ml/minute at your disposal, you can adjust the system perfectly to your needs.

The fluid flow is regulated according to the output current drawn, meaning that the pump only starts once there is current going through the lead, which means that there is less fluid waste.

How is it maintained?

Before using the fluid feed for the first time, the system requires priming – removing air and excess fluid from the tube. This is done using the priming mode with a duration of approximately 2 minutes.

You will also need to rinse the tubes and activate the priming mode after each weld cleaning session.

This is the best way to properly maintain your system and prevent the tube from clogging.

What machines can I use it with?

The FL10 is compatible with all weld cleaning machines that operate under 80 amps of output power. This includes the following Cougartron models:

  • InoxPower
  • InoxMuscle
  • ProPlus

..And several other models that belong to other brands as long as they operate below the power output threshold.

How can I incorporate FL10 in my workflow?

The FL10 is easily incorporated into your workflow as it serves as a productivity-enhancing accessory to your existing weld cleaning setup.

It does not take up much space, which means you won’t have to make any major changes to your work environment.

FL10 is supplied in a convenient starter pack equipped with all the necessities you need to start using the fluid feed functionality straight away – with no unnecessary hassle.

Is FL10 a good solution for me?

The FL10 is a great addition to every workshop as it removes unnecessary steps from your weld cleaning process and adds more efficiency to your workflow.

It is recommended for all professionals or hobbyists doing at least 5 hours of weld cleaning per week. The FL10 is also a major game changer in all production situations where longer and heavily corroded welds are a commonality.

So, is FL10 a good solution for you?

Probably yes – but this also depends on your work habits, requirements, budgeting, and a large number of specific factors related to your production.

We have also recently introduced a new integrated version of this model that you can check here and take into consideration when deciding on the right solution for your workshop.

If you require a live demo or simply need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.



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