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Thanks to the effective utilization of the electrochemical method, Cougartron machines deliver outstanding metal marking results. 

The electrochemical process is based on a combination of electrical current and specially developed marking fluids.

This principle remains the same regardless of whether you use one of our dedicated marking machine sets or etching set for our weld cleaners.

The items in both sets are easily replaceable if damaged, but there are often many doubts and uncertainties about their use and compatibility.

This is one of the main reasons why we decided to do a simple but detailed overview of our marking spare parts and accessories.

But first, let’s look at the difference between our marking machines and weld cleaner etching sets.

Marking Machines vs. Etching Sets

Cougartron marking machine sets consists of a marking machine unit and other parts and accessories required for successful marking.

An example is our popular MK12 machine which proved to be extremely useful in a number of different industries.

We have also recently added a new machine to our product range – the MK612 was developed specifically for efficient marking of larger surfaces without losing color consistency.

Cougartron Marking Machines – MK612 on the bottom, MK12 on top.

Unlike our marking machine sets, the etching set only contains components that are used to upgrade our weld cleaning machines.

With the addition of a couple of special components supplied within the sets, Cougartron weld cleaners become as effective as our dedicated marking machines.

Marking with ProPlus weld cleaner with accessories from Cougartron Etching Set.

Our Basic Etching set is compatible with all Cougartron weld cleaners (including ProPlus machines purchased after November 2019)

Unlike the Basic set, the ProPlus Etching set uses a footswitch and is only compatible with an older ProPlus model purchased prior to December 2019.

It is worth mentioning that both sets and machines require the use of stencils and special marking fluids.

The stencils are either disposable (prepared with label printers) or reusable (supplied by Cougartron according to your design).

Our marking machine sets and etching sets come with small quantities of marking and neutralizing liquids (100ml of CGT-S1 and CGT-N1) to get you started with effective marking straight away but you can always top up your supplies here.

Note: The CGT-S1 fluid is only suitable for marking stainless steel. We offer a variety of liquids with formulas adapted to various metal surfaces.

Both stencils and fluids and other accessories can be re-purchased on a regular basis.

Marking Spare Parts & Accessories

MK Clamp and Etching Cable (for the MK Marking Handle) 

MK Etching Cable for the marking handle connects the marking handle and marking block to the marking unit.

The MK Clamp Cable connects the grounding clamp to the machine housing.

Both cables are compatible with our marking machines (MK12 and MK612) but are not required when using the Basic Etching Set.

Etching clamp

The MK Clamp is is compatible with our MK clamp cable and is attached to the metal piece that is about to be marked

The MK Clamp is used with MK12 and MK612 Machines and is not necessary nor compatible with the Cougartron Etching Set.

Cougartron MK Marking Head (Without Adaptor)

The MK Marking head without an adaptor is used exclusively with our marking machines – MK12 and MK612.

This component is in a contact with the work surface and connects to the MK Marking Handle.

Dimensions – 40x15x25mm

MK Marking Handle

The marking handle is used to control the movement of the marking head during marking.

Compatible with MK12 and MK612 Marking Machines.

Cougartron Marking Head with Adaptor

The marking head with an adaptor is a component used with the Cougartron Etching Set and cannot be used in combination with our marking machines.

The adapter is an exclusive component of our etching sets and connects to the handle cable of the weld cleaner that also serves as a marking handle.

Marking Fabrics: (compatible with all marking machines and etching sets) 
  • Cougartron White Marking Felt (10 pack): The white felt is compatible with marking machines and etching sets.  It is positioned under the yellow felt when assembling the marking head. Always keep in mind that the white felt should not be used in combination with the carbon felt.
  • Cougartron Yellow Marking Fabric (10pack): The yellow felt is used in combination with the white felt and is positioned on top of the white or carbon felt. This type of felt is most commonly used by our customers and is more affordable than the carbon felt.  You can also combine the yellow felt with the carbon felt when it comes to high-volume marking projects. However, with most marking activities, the combination of white felt and yellow fabric is sufficient.
  • Cougartron Carbon Marking Felt (10pack): The carbon felt is used in combination with the yellow fabric during high-volume projects when you need to increase the speed of your process. This also makes the carbon felt more durable and protects the marking stencil from being overly damaged. Please note that when using the carbon felt,  the yellow felt should always be placed on top of the carbon felt.
Cougartron O-Ring

The role of the O-ring is to hold the marking head and marking fabrics together. O-Rings are durable and can normally be used during hundreds of marking sessions. The O-Ring is compatible with our marking machine sets as well as with etching sets. This product is sold in packs of 5. Our marking machine sets have one O-ring in the starter set, while 5 of them are supplied in our etching sets.


Compatibility Chart

To further eliminate any dilemma about the compatibility of the various parts and accessories, we have created a useful chart that you can see and download below.


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