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Updated June 2021 (with both FURY 100 and FURY 200 model updates) 

For most of us, a new piece of equipment can be quite difficult to use.

However, advanced solutions like Cougartron FURY can help make your job faster and easier.

We’ve written about Cougartron FURY extensively over the past few months, but now it’s time to take a step further and create a compilation of all the necessary information you need to get off on the right foot with the world’s most powerful weld cleaner.

We want to guide you beyond the basics of working with FURY and help you unleash its full potential so you can get the most out of your machine.

Please note: The FURY 200 is an upgraded version of the older InoxFURY model that is no longer in production. The FURY 100 is a 100Amp version of the FURY 200.

Before you start

The first step involves the adoption of important information (such as User Manual and Quick Start Guide) in the handbooks delivered with the FURY machine set. It is crucial that you are 100% comfortable with the optimal way different machine components are assembled into a functional unit.

This is the only way to properly and safely use FURY 100 and FURY 200 at their maximum.

Below you can find a Quick Start Guide for both models that shows some of the best practices associated with the use of the machine.

Download Cougartron FURY 100 Quick Start Guide here
Download Cougartron FURY 200 Quick Start Guide here


Accessories & Consumables

FURY 200 is the strongest electrolytic weld cleaner on the market. As such, it requires the use of purpose-built accessories and specialized consumables for optimal results to be achieved.

Among other things, we strongly recommend using the

This will speed up your workflow and bring up faster results as opposed to when cleaning with one brush. The Brush sets are included in the FURY Starter Sets together with the FURY 200A weld cleaning brushes.

(in the video below, you can see the performance of three FURY 200A and the Triple Brush Set)


Best Practices

Before it actually hit the market, Cougartron FURY has gone through a lengthy period of planning, development, and testing as we wanted to create a machine that will improve the practical aspect of daily work for numerous industrial professionals around the world.

The process has resulted in a weld cleaner strong enough to meet the needs of industrial welders who, for decades, struggled with hazardous chemicals and labor-intensive manual tools. Thanks to its strength and unique design, Cougartron FURY is a true jack of all trades (and master of all). Namely, you can use the machine for weld cleaning, passivation, surface cleaning, and electropolishing on stainless steel but also for effective marking on stainless steel and other types of metal such as aluminium, mild steel, copper, and more.

The marking function is possible to utilize with the Cougartron Basic Etching Set. (the marking set is not part of the FURY starter set and needs to be purchased individually)

It is important to understand all the specifics of the machine to explore its full potential. Adopting important tips on using FURY in different production scenarios is a great step in that direction. The new FURY buttons are used to control the work modes, which have been slightly changed compared to the old InoxFURY model. Here’s how:

FURY control panel (buttons & functionalities) overview

FURY - Full Demo Video

Above you can find an introduction to the machine’s work modules and a short description for each of them.

However, if you want to see all of the aforementioned modes in action, we recommend watching our comprehensive demo video.

Please note: The video is made with our older version Cougartron InoxFURY – which would right now be the FURY 200 model.

Below, you can watch a FURY 100 Demo Video using the FURY Double Brush Set.

Book a FURY Machine Demo

If you do not already own one of our FURY models and are considering purchasing them, you can contact us to book an online or live demo with one of Cougartron sales representatives. We will walk you through each functionality of the machine and will recommend the best solution for your production.

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