Full Demonstration of Weld Cleaning and Marking with Cougartron InoxPower

weld cleaning marking demo inox power



Cleaning stainless steel TIG welds has never been this easy

Our new video shows InoxPower in action with a full demonstration of the weld cleaning and marking process from start to finish. This includes the preparation of consumables and choosing the correct working modules for optimal results with your machine.

Cougartron InoxPower is our new and affordable cleaning-only machine developed for stainless steel TIG welds and surfaces.

This practical weld cleaner will provide consistent and effective results with oxide removal, surface passivation, and even marking.

Like our other models, InoxPower is lightweight, portable, and incredibly simple to use. If you are only occasionally welding stainless steel or have smaller production requirements, limited budget, and you do not need to polish the surface – then this is the perfect machine for you.


Contents of the Cougartron InoxPower Machine Set

The InoxPower Machine Set contains everything you need to start effective weld cleaning and passivation apart from the fluids (weld cleaning and neutralizing fluid). These can be purchased through our website or your Cougartron distributor (contact us to find your nearest distributor).


To see how easy it is to set up and begin using the InoxPower, watch our useful unboxing video:


Use the InoxPower weld cleaner to mark stainless steel surfaces

In the first video you will see the marking function at the end of the video. In order to mark stainless steel surfaces using Cougartron InoxPower, you first need to purchase the Basic Etching Set.

Click below to see how you can combine the Basic etching set with your InoxPower weld cleaner to mark stainless steel surfaces in 8 simple steps:


Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about InoxPower and its features, feel free to contact us at any time via email (sales@cougartron.com) or phone (404-591-8920).

You can also order Cougartron InoxPower and the Basic Etching Set directly from our website using the links below: