Weld cleaning | Product unboxing | Thursday, 16 August 2018


Our unboxing series continues with Cougartron ProPlus, a versatile weld cleaning system for stainless steel and aluminum.

Proplus is a lightweight (∼17 lbs) yet strong weld cleaner designed for demanding tasks on longer and dirtier TIG and MIG welds.

The primary functionality of the machine includes weld cleaning, passivation, and electro-polishing. However, with a few additional accessories, Cougartron ProPlus can be used for marking and etching as well.

Our clients have found the machine especially useful when used on larger stainless steel constructions (e.g. storage tanks) as it can withstand longer working hours without overheating and breaking.

All this without suffering from harmful side-effects of abrasive grinding and chemical pickling.

Cougartron ProPlus achieves effective results through a weak electrical current and non-hazardous electrolytic fluids so you are not forced to wear extensive Personal Protective Equipment that is characteristic of other weld cleaning methods.

The video we prepared showcases the components of the Cougartron ProPlus starter kit and shows the way they are combined to make the machine ready for weld cleaning.

If you require further information, contact us anytime or click below to read more about ProPlus now: